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Autumn 2018

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Anastasia Varnavskaya, Head of the Automotive Portfolio at Adam Smith Conferences: What global automotive trends affect BMW’s business in Middle East?

Johannes Seibert, Managing Director of BMW Group Middle East: In the Middle East region and beyond, we can see a major trend towards SAV and SUV vehicles. In 2015, for the first time, our X model range – from X1 to the X6 – accounted for more than 50% of our total sales in the region. That is first of all a good development, as we feel that our X Models are exactly meeting the requirements and desires of our customers. On the other hand, the demand was so strong that demand exceeded supply, especially for the X5, which is the most-sold BMW model in the region.

Another trend is that we are observing customers becoming more demanding and more discerning, especially in the premium and luxury market segment. Therefore we are continually developing and strengthening the retail level of our brands BMW and MINI. BMW Group has strong importers and retailers in the region, who are ambitious, customer-oriented and committed to invest.

Author: Joseph Simpson, Research Lead, Car Design Research

There’s no question that in-car technology is the biggest driver for change in the car interior today. The recent Detroit and Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in the U.S. confirmed some trends which have been emerging throughout 2015 and look set to have a big impact on the cockpits of 2016.

KSA automotive landscape

Published on 23 March 2016 by Shakhnoza Muradova

Analytical insights from Tariq El Yassouri, Director of Strategic Planning & Business Development, Abdullatif Alissa Holding, on Saudi Arabian macro metrics and automotive market 2005 - 2015

Making the most of the Dubai Hub

Published on 15 December 2015 by Editorial  

Thanks to its location, its infrastructure and its relative ease of business, it is not exactly shocking that Dubai has been hailed so often as the ‘crossroads of East and West’, one of the ‘most strategic commercial hubs in the world’ and an ‘essential traditional trade route’. They are phrases which may even be overused, but there is no doubt why Dubai has earned its reputation. What is perhaps a little more surprising is that despite these massive logistical advantages, there is still a reluctance by many companies to take full advantage of them.

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