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Highlights from the Russian & CIS Coal Summit 2013

Here are just some of the 50+ top-level speakers. See the full list of speakers confirmed so far

Some of Summit's Speakers

Some of Summit's Speakers

Sergey Stepanov Vice President & Director of Coal Division Evraz Holding

Born in 1977, Mr Stepanov joined EVRAZ in November 2012. Prior to his appointment as the Head of the Coal Division Mr Stepanov worked as the COO of Nordgold (previously part of “Severstal”, before Nordgold separated into an independent company), where he was responsible for the operating activities of gold mining enterprises in Russia, Kazahstan, Guinea and Burkina Faso.

Prior to holding his position at Nordgold, Mr. Stepanov worked as the COO of “Vorkutaugol”, and held senior positions in “Severstal-resource” and SUAL-holding. Mr Stepanov has an experience of working in Ukraine at the position of the director of coal’s mining and treatment in DTEK. From 2003-2005 he worked as a consultant in the Boston Consulting Group.
Mr Stepanov graduated from the Lomonosov Moscow State University with a Master’s diploma with honors in Finance, and a Bachelor’s diploma with honors in Economics.

Alexander Lukyanenko Deputy CEO for Strategic Sales and Development United Wagon Company (UWC)

Alexander Lukyanenko became Deputy CEO at UWC in May 2012. Before joining United Wagon Company, Alexander held a position of Deputy Director for railway transportation at JSC Siberian Energy Coal Company (SUEK) with the responsibility for overlooking the engagement with logistical and leasing companies and sourcing gondola fleets. Before joining SUEK

Alexander held positions at JSC Kuzbassrazrezugol where he was responsible for the railway logistics.

Alexander holds a BA in Economics and MA in Business Management from the Economics Faculty of the Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Vyacheslav Stanislavsky First Deputy General Director JSC New Forwarding Company

Born in 1963.

Graduated from Leningrad College for Military Transport, specializing in “Command Tactics for Military Transport”.

Served in the Russian Army. In 2002 retired in the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel.

Management experience in railway industry - over 30 years. Employed with New Forwarding Company, JSC since March 2010 as Deputy General Director for Operations and Commerce, since April 2011 as First Deputy General Director.

Prior to joining NFC held executive positions with JSC Novotrans Holding Company.

In 2011, by the Resolution of RF Transport Ministry, was awarded a lapel badge “In Honour of 200th Anniversary of Waterway and Overland Transport Management”.

Aleksandr Kovalchuk Advisor to General Director Russian Coal Co.

Anatoliy Kuzhel Head of Central Logistics Russian Railways

Yuriy Raevsky Acting Deputy CEO - Power Markets and Fuel Supply JSC OGK-2

Родился 6 августа 1970 года в г.Гулькевичи, Краснодарский Край. Окончил Московское высшее техническое училище им.Н.Э.Баумана в 1993г, квалификация - инженер-механик.

2005 - н.в. -  Открытое акционерное общество  «Вторая  генерирующая компания    оптового рынка электроэнергии» (ОАО «ОГК-2»):

Начальник Департамента перспективного развития, анализа и методического сопровождения энергосбытовой деятельности;                                
Начальник Департамента реализации энергии на энергорынках,анализа и перспективного развития,                                                                                     
Директор по работе на энергорынках;
Начальник Управления по работе на потовом рынке;
Начальник Управления энергосбытовой деятельности;
Исполняющий обязанности заместителя генерального директора по энергорынкам и топливообеспечению.

2002- 2005 - Открытое акционерное общество   «Системный оператор – Центральное  Диспетчерское Управление Единой энергетической системы» (СО –ЦДУ ЕЭС):                                                                                                                 

Заместитель начальника Службы балансов и перспективного развития;
Заместитель начальника Службы долгосрочного планирования энергетических режимов.

2002 - Филиал  Открытого акционерного общества «Системный оператор – Центральное  Диспетчерское Управление Единой энергетической системы» Объединенное диспетчерское управление энергосистемами (ОДУ Центра):

Ведущий специалист отдела балансов мощности и статистики службы оперативного планирования режимов и балансов

2002 - Филиал Российского акционерного общества энергетики и электрификации «ЕЭС России» Объединенное диспетчерское управление энергосистемами Центра (ОДУ Центра):
Инженер 1 категории Службы оптимизации энергетических режимов.

1996 - 2002 - Дирекция оперативно-диспетчерского управления энергосистемами Северо-Запада:
Инженер Службы оптимизации тепловых и гидравлических режимов.

1993 - 1996 - Акционерное общество «Ленинградский Металлический завод»:
Инженер-конструктор СКБ.

Отраслевые награды:
Почетная грамота ОАО РАО "ЕЭС России" 2007                           
Благодарность Министерства энергетики РФ 2009                                      
Благодарственное письмо ООО "Газпром энергохолдинг" 2011

Yuriy Saakyan General Director Institute of Natural Monopolies Research

Yuriy Zavenovich Saakyan was born on 3 November 1956. In 1979 he graduated from the mathematics department of Moscow Lomonosov State University with a PhD in Physics and Mathematics. Until 1991 Mr. Saakyan worked in academia, before managing various commercial companies.He has been the General Director of the Natural Monopolies Research Institute since 2005.Mr. Saakyan has been Vice-President of the Association of Producers of Railway Machinery since 2007. He is Chairman of the Commission for improvement of price-setting on railway machinery, and is a member of the board of directors of the Inter-regional Organisation for Energy Inspection.He is a member of the inter-departmental commission of the Government of the Russian Federation on structural reform of railway transport, Manager of the expert group “Reform of natural monopolies” (formed to update the Strategy for socio-economic development of Russia until 2020), and a member of the working and expert bodies of the Union of Miners, the Union of Machine-builders and the Russian Gas Society.Mr. Saakyan has written more than 70 academic articles, and edited the monographs “Natural monopolies of Russia” (2007) and “Reform of natural monopolies of Russia” (2010).

Tomas Korganas Head of Corporate Development Severstal Resources

Andrey Smirnov Coal Production Director DTEK

In May 2011 he was invited to take the office of the Coal Production Director at DTEK.

In 1998-2004, he occupied managerial positions at Vorgashorskaya Mine (Russia). From 2004 to 2007, he held the position of the General Director at Southern Coal-Mining Company (Russia) which was producing and processing anthracite in Rostov Region (Russian Federation). In 2007-08, Mr Smirnov was in charge of Novo Group (Russia), where he led a project on setting up a power and coal company, dealing with recovery and construction of mines and thermal power plants in Rostov and Tula Regions of Russia. In 2007-08, he was also the Advisor of Tula Region Governor for Fuel and Energy Sector. From 2008 to 2011, Mr Smirnov was the CEO of En+ Coal Company, a large player in the world coal market having coal reserves of several billion tonnes and integrated with RUSAL, EuroSibEnergo and other assets in mining, processing, non-ferrous metals and energy sectors into En+ Group.

In 1989, Andrey Smirnov graduated with honours from Donetsk Polytechnic Institute majoring in Mine Surveying. In 1998, he obtained a degree in Finance from Syktyvkar State University. Andrey Smirnov holds a Ph.D. in Political Science and is a full-fledged member of the Academy of Mining Science of the Russian Federation.

Airat Khabibov Deputy HR and Administration Director SUEK

Vladimir Inshakov Director of Development and Investments SUEK Krasnoyarsk

Mikhail Popov Fuel Portfolio Director Fortum Energy Russia

Peter Dormann Commercial Director OKD - New World Resources, Czech Republic

Peter Dormann is Head of Sales and Marketing of New World Resources Plc (‘NWR’), one of Central Europe’s leading hard coal producers.

Peter Dormann (51) has 20 years experience in coal marketing and trading. As Head of Sales and Marketing, he leads the NWR sales team and holds key responsibilities in the delivery of the NWR’s strategic goal of becoming Europe’s leading miner and marketer of coking coal by 2017, serving as a one-stop shop for European steel companies.

Prior to joining NWR, Peter Dormann was Senior Physical Coal Trader at Freepoint Commodities Europe LLP, in charge of marketing and origination of thermal and coking coal, with a focus on the Atlantic market. Before that he held various senior coal buying, trading and sales positions, among others as a Director International & Continental European Marketing at RWE Supply & Trading GmbH and as a General Manager with RAG Trading GmbH of Germany.

Peter Dormann holds a Masters degree in mining engineering from the Technical University Clausthal in Germany, and a Doctorate in mineral economics from the Norwegian University of Technology in Trondheim. Married with two children, Peter is a native German speaker and is fluent in English and Norwegian.

Evgeniy Masternak Managing Director, Coal Business En+ Group

Evgeny Masternak, Managing Director (coal business) En+

General Director of the company Vostsibugol; board member of Tubinsk Ore Mining Company
Evgeny Masternak was worked at En+ Group since August 2012, where he holds the positions of General Director of the companies En+ Coal and Vostsibugol.
Before joining EN+ Mr Masternak worked for three years as manager of the Moscow  Measuring Equipment Plant.
Between 2000 and 2009 Evgeny managed the departments for coal projects and energy development at RUSAL, where he also directed investment projects and M&A deals.
From 1997 until 1999 Evgeny Masternak worked at various investment companies, where he managed regional projects and M&A deals in agriculture and heavy industry.
Mr Masternak is a graduate of Moscow State Legal Academy and the International Institute of Economics and Law.

Phil Ren Chairman & President China Coal Importers Association

Sergey Islamov General Director Termokoks

Vasily Rumyantsev IR Director & Head of Moscow Office Kuzbass Fuel Company

Yuriy Plakitkin Deputy Director Energy Research Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences

Sverre Bjorn Svenning Director, Naval Architect Fearnleys, Norway

Vitaliy Vorobyev Adviser to the Minister Ministry of Fuel and Energy (Ukraine)

Maksim Fil Trading Manager – Coal & Freight Desk STEAG GmbH

Vladimir Savchuk Head of Rail Transport Research Institute of Natural Monopolies Research

Aleksandr Grigorev Director of Coal Research Institute of Natural Monopolies Research

Cees van Putten General Manager CFNR Dordrecht

Cees van Putten was born in the port town of Rotterdam on April 1, 1969.

After the studies, he realised his dream by starting a maritime career, in 1985, as a sailor in inland shipping. During this period, Mr. van Putten completed evening studies to become a Skipper/Captain.

In 1990 he started as a self-employed entrepreneur in inland shipping, and during the period 1990 to 2003 variously skippered four vessels. The company mainly transported coal from the seaports to the European hinterland while plying well-known rivers such as the Rhine, Moselle, Neckar, Main and Danube.  This was a most instructive period during which he gained extensive experience in logistical flows in general.
In 2003 Mr van Putten settled on-shore and started as a charterer with CFNR Sa.

During the period from 2003 to 2008 inclusive he was involved, on behalf of CFNR Sa., in the extension of the company's own fleet. This fleet extension implied that, thanks to Mr van Putten's knowledge of private inland shipping, he was also entrusted with the CFNR assignment to take responsibility for a new-building programme.

In that capacity he had the opportunity to commission - on behalf of CFNR Sa. - the construction of three ultra-modern barge vessels at the ASPO shipyard in Astrakhan. Much time was spent in Volgograd, Astrakhan, St. Petersburg and naturally Moscow as well, to coach this project. These visits also gave some insight into the structures of shipping on the Volga.

As from 2010 Mr van Putten is responsible for the Holland-based facility, boasting some fifteen enthusiastic logistic co-workers. Meanwhile, this facility has grown into the biggest within the CFNR Group; in 2013, they handled approx. 6 million tons. A range of services is provided to their customers: inland chartering, agency, forwarding as well as maritime chartering.

Eugeniy Globa General Director JSC Eco-Intech

The sole shareholder and General Director of EcoInTech, Evgeny Globa graduated from Moscow Mining Institute in 1986 (degree in natural resources extraction technologies) and 1992 (mine construction). In 1998 he completed a postgraduate degree at the Skochinsky Mining Institute. He began his career in 1986 as a technical engineer at Dobropoleugolstroy.

Since then at various times he has worked as a foreman at Dobropoleougol’s ‘Belozerskaya’ mine (1987-1993); director of the institute for new management technologies at INTMEK LCC (1995-1997); general director of CJSC Consortium of the research and technology mining association Donetsk Excavation Plant (1997-2000); general director of the construction company Laurel Invest LLC (2000-2002); general director of RosEko Technology LLC (2002-2006); deputy general director for construction at OJSC Dubna special technical economic zone (2006-2007); head of a filling material laboratory (2007-2008 гг.), then advisor the general director of the A.A. Skochinsky State Mining Institute 2008-2009). Since 2010 he has been general director of the ecological research and engineering company EcoInTech LLC.

Oleg Pertsovsky Strategy and R&D Director Skolkovo Foundation, Energy Efficient Technologies Cluster

Yuriy Kaplunov General Director Agency for Reorganisation and Closing of Unprofitable Coal Mines

Mr Kaplunov was the director of the environmental programme during the development of the Soviet mining industry. In 1988-2000 he worked at the USSR Ministry for Coal, the Russian Ministry of Fuel’s committee for the coal industry, and the company Rosugol.

In  2000 he was temporarily transferred to the Ministry of Natural Resources, as deputy director of the state department for ecological expertise.
Since 2002 he has been deputy head of the department for mine surveying, geology and nature conservation at the Government Institute for issues of reorganisation and liquidation of unprofitable mines and pits.

Andrey Favorov Commercial Director, Board Member DTEK

Boris Sviderski Sales Director Rotterdam Bulk Terminal

Orhun Draman Country Manager, Partner Trafigura Beheer

Professional Experience :
September  2009 - presentTrafigura Beheer B.V, Country Manager, Partner
Activities consist of international trade of industrial raw materials, non-ferrous metals& minerals, steel scrap and coal&coke, oil and gas. Investigating also possibilities for investments in Turkey on infrastructure; mining and energy assets.

2001 - 2009 GTA Mining & Trade Ltd., Founder, Managing Partner
Activities consist of international trade of industrial raw materials, mainly non-ferrous metals& minerals, steel scrap and coal&coke. Volume generated over USD 100 mio. Company represents Trafigura Beheer BV, Trimet AG and Minmetals GmbH in the Turkish markets. GTA also took part in mining of non ferrous metals and minerals in various parts of Turkey.

1997 – 2000 Glencore International AG, Moscow, Russia, Trader, Solid Fuels
Responsibilities included organizing and overseeing Glencore International AG’s solid fuel (mainly seaborne steam coal) exports from the CIS. Determined global pricing and trading policies. Customers consisted of main IPPs, Steel Plants and Cement Factories in Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Poland, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Croatia and Turkey.

1995 – 1997 Glencore International AG, Zug, Switzerland, Manager, Solid Fuels and Pb & Zn Departments
In charge of Glencore International AG’s joint ventures in Turkey as board member. JVs were “Minerkom” a coal trading and distribution company (1998 turnover over USD 40 million and 450,000 mtons) and “Rasih Ihsan Madencilik” a Lead & Zinc mine (1998 turnover exceeding USD 7 million and 12,000 mtons). Oversaw employer’s interests in these JV’s as member of Board of Directors. Liased with Glencore’s South African and Russian offices for procurement and Glencore’s offices in Bulgaria, Rumania and Italy for sales.

1993 – 1994 ARGE Walter Bau-Tekser Construction, Kiev, Ukraine, Manager, Logistics Department
Reported to Project Manager and was in charge of local purchasing, customs clearance, warehousing and transportation for an DM 160 mio military housing project. Main activities included organizing local procurement operations, coordinating with planning and project departments in achieving material standards achievement, streamlining customs, transportation and warehousing facilities for a lean logistics function.

  1994 – 1995 SDA Bocconi Milan, Italy
Master in Business Administration, SDA Scholarship Recipient
  1987 – 1993 Bogazici University Engineering Faculty
Istanbul, Turkey, Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
  1980 – 1987 Robert College Istanbul, Turkey,
Mathematical High School Diploma
Languages : Turkish: Mother Tongue, English: Fluent, Russian: Good, Italian: Good, French: Moderate

Aleksandr Andreev Deputy CEO Raspadskaya Coal

Sirri Uyanik General Director ISKEN Energy, Turkey

Robin Thomas Business Development Manager Simpson Spence & Young

Robin Thomas studied at Southampton University, completing his PhD in 1989. He then joined the state owned coal producer in the UK, British Coal Corporation, working in the Marketing Department with special focus on shipping. When British Coal was privatised at the end of 1994, he joined Simpson Spence & Young’s Dry Cargo Department. SSY arranges the sea freight for over 50 million tonnes of coal p.a. through a network of seventeen offices world-wide. Robin was appointed Business Development Manager in 1997 and specialises in long-term freight contracts for the electricity sector. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (FICS) and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport (FCILT).

Andrey Churin CEO MC Kolmar

Craig Parry Managing Director & CEO Tigers Realm Coal

Mr Parry, BSc (Hons), MAusIMM,  has worked internationally in a business development capacity across a broad range of commodities with Tigers Realm Coal (TIG), Tigers Realm Minerals, G-Resources Group Limited, Oxiana Limited (now OZ Minerals Limited), Rio Tinto Limited and RSG Consulting Pty Ltd over the past 14 years.

He is a founder of TIG and has been responsible for TIG’s business development activities since inception, including the acquisition of the Amaam Project.

Mr Parry has held a number of executive roles in the resources industry, including Business Development Manager for G-Resources Group Limited responsible for mergers and acquisitions and Principal Geologist – New Business at Oxiana Limited responsible for strategy and business development initiatives in bulk and energy commodities. At Rio Tinto Limited, Mr Parry led exploration programs for iron ore, copper, diamonds, coal and bauxite in Australia, Asia and South America and was Principal Geologist for the Kintyre Uranium project pre-feasibility study. Mr Parry is a graduate of The University of New South Wales, holds a Bachelor of Science (Applied Geology) with first class Honours and the University Medal. He is a Member of the AusIMM.

Scott Southwood General Manager Aspire Mining, Mongolian coal prospect

Evgeniy Kudzin Deputy Medical Director Centre of Corporate Medicine

Sergei Frolov Vice President for Strategy and Communications KOKS Group

Born in 1980 in Moscow. In 2002 graduated from State University of Management with honors with a degree in management, specialization — World Market of Metals. In 2005 obtained a Ph.D. degree in management of metallurgical companies. In 2001-2006 worked as an analyst in OAO Chermetinfromatsiya and in Infomine Research Group. In 2006-2010 was head of marketing department of Industrial Metallurgical Holding. Since June 2010 — investor relations director.

Georgi Slavov Head of Basic Resources Research Group Marex Spectron

Georgi joined Marex Spectron in January 2014 as a Head of the Basic Resources & Freight Research Group. His team is responsible for the fundamental analysis of key industrial commodities & freight markets. On a daily basis he is actively involved in direct dialogue with global brand companies including trading houses, investment banks and hedge funds.
At the very beginning of his career Georgi spent 2 years in the Marine Coast Guard, and subsequently graduated a Naval Academy. He is a former Navy Officer and holds Engineering and Economics degrees. Georgi is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers in London and a member of the Business Advisory Committee at Henley Business School ICMA Graduate Center. He is also a guest lecturer in International Trade & Shipping at the school. Georgi is a published author by Incisive Media/Risk Books publishing house in the derivatives markets statistical arbitrage and technical analysis trading field.

Ian Adams Executive Director International Dry Bulk Terminal Group

Ian Adams has been involved in the Shipping Industry since 1985 in various capacities, with P&O Cruises, Deep Sea Seals and Hamworthy. He is currently Managing Director of IMA Marine Ltd. He was appointed Chief Executive of The International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA) in February 2009, after having been its Secretary-General for seven and a half years. During his time there Ian gained wide exposure to international markets and consultative status at the International Maritime Organization (IMO) for IBIA. This resulted in him being involved in the process of the revision of MARPOL Annex VI from the outset. He was a member of the IMO Secretary General’s Scientific and Industry Expert Panel during 2007 as part of the revision process. He was in attendance at all the relevant meetings of the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) and the Bulk Liquids and Gases sub-committee (BLG) during which the final agreements were made. Ian also attended numerous meetings in Europe in consultation with the European Commission. He left IBIA in July 2011. With his wide experience in both Asian and international markets, Ian continues to be in demand to present at conferences around the world on the subject of air emissions from ships. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Marine Engineering Science and Technology (IMarEST) and has served on the Council as well as being a Past President of the Southern Joint Branch (SJB) in the United Kingdom. Ian is also a Supporting Member of the London Maritime Arbitration Association (LMAA).

Founded in 2011, IMA Marine Ltd is a Marine Consultancy providing consultancy, training, research and advice within the marine industry. IMA Marine Ltd is responsible for the provision of an Executive Director to the International Dry Bulk Terminals Group (DBTG) and the International Bulk Terminals Association (IBTA) which has consultative status at IMO.

Mehmet Anadol Group Coordinator Marvel Group

Mr. Mehmet Anadol, aged 51, has more than 28 years of Sales and  Marketing experience with roles in Sales and Marketing, administration Management, which include executive level responsibilities both in Turkey and Abroad (Russia, United States and Middle East)

Mr. Anadol is currently the Group Coordinator of Marvel Group.
Marvel Group  has been in seaborne business since 1980, are especially specialized in shipping of the following goods such as, cement, clinker, grain, coal, iron and steel products… Any kinds of the partial and break bulk cargo transportation are also in Marvel Group scopes. Ship owning, chartering, port agency services, consultation, foreign trade
are also the main activities of Marvel Group.

Mr. Anadol graduated from the University of Istanbul, Turkey,1984, Business Administration. He has also got his polytechics in 1986, at Kings Cross College – London UK.

Tekfen Group – Istanbul; Eczacibasi Group – Istanbul and Kale Group of Companies – Istanbul were his former companies that he used to work for them in seniour position in the field of Marketing and Sales.

Mr. Anadol’s areas of expertise are New Business / Reorganisation /Joint Ventures / Start Ups / Operations / Sales / Marketing / Budgeting/ Forecasting / Advertising and Public Relations / Cooperate Image / Human Resource (HR).

William Husband Head of Metals & Mining CITIBANK MOSCOW

Vyacheslav Mischenko Business Development Director / CIS Argus Media, Russia

Aida Sitdikova Director, Energy & Natural Resources, Russia & Central Asia EBRD

Aida Sitdikova is Director, Energy and Natural Resources, Russia and CA since 2013. Before this Aida was Senior Banker and Portfolio Manager with the Power and Energy Utilities team (part of the EBRD Energy Business Group).  Over the last few years she has been focusing on the projects in the Russian and Kazakh power sectors, on both debt and equity side.  The Bank is one of the largest investors in the Russian power sector.  Prior to joining the Bank in 2001 Aida Sitdikova worked in private equity in the energy sector of Kazakhstan and Russia.  She holds an MBA degree from Thunderbird and a CFA designation.

Dmitry Nikishichev General Director & Founder Rasmin Coal

Dmitry Krylov Senior Scientist National Research Centre - Kurchatov Institute

Involved in technical, economic and ecological research into the effect of thermal and nuclear power plants, and the gas and mining industries, on the environment and people’s health.

Peter Dormann Commercial Director OKD - New World Resources

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Delegates' reviews

"This event was organized at the highest level"
Vladimir Sinitsyn
Marketing ManagerSeverstal-Resourse
"Very high level of business interaction between the Government, business and investors"
Yevhen Yushkov
Divisional DirectorDonetsk Steel
"The Summit helped me to take a step back from my day-to-day work and think about and assess future industry developments."
Igor Borisov
Commercial DirectorSandvik Mining