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Russian Arctic Oil and Gas 2013



26/1, Tverskaya Street
Moscow, 125009

Tel: + 7 495 937 0000
Fax: + 7 495 937 0801


The conference will take place in the Marriott Grand Hotel. Any phone calls or faxes received for delegates during the conference will be passed to the organisers at the Registration Desk & a note put up on a board outside the conference room.


If you require a hotel please follow the link below where you can find all information about hotels around the event venue – Marriott Grand Hotel.


Most nationalities will require a valid entry visa for Russia and it is your responsibility to obtain this. Please check with your local Russian Consulate for the latest information.
The process of obtaining a visa can be lengthy and you should apply as early as possible.
There is often a sliding scale of charges dependant on the length of time given to the embassy to issue the visa.

As a UK registered company we are unable to issue invitation letters for a visa. However, many Embassies will accept your official hotel confirmation as an invitation. When you book your room please ask Reservations to provide visa support letter with your confirmation.

Alternatively you can approach a local travel agent, who should be able to arrange visa support for you. If this is not possible then our travel agents in the UK can obtain official invitation letter for any nationality and will send them directly to your Consulate. Please contact Scotts Tours on + 44 20 7383 5353.

If you have any questions or require any further assistance, please contact Victoria Iljash on + 44 20 7490 3774 or send an e-mail to victoria@adamsmithconferences.com


Although there is a public transport available between Sheremetyevo 2 International Airport, Domodedovo Airport and Moscow City Centre, we advise you too either take a taxi or book a transfer through the Transportation desk at the Marriott Grand Hotel (Tel: +7 495 937 0880).
The transfer time is approximately 90 minutes (subject to traffic!).
The cost of a hotel transfer is 3900 roubles from Sheremetyevo 2 airport (one way) and 5200 roubles from Domodedovo airport (one way).
From 22:00 until 7:00 20% extra will be charged because of the night tariff.