The premier meeting-place for the Clinical Trials sector in Central & Eastern Europe

28-29 May 2019

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1-to-1 meetings offer an invaluable opportunity to meet and collaborate with pharmaceutical & biotech executives and CROs - in person. Leading companies will be represented by their clinical research specialists. Meetings will last 10 minutes allowing you to establish direct contact with top managers for future collaboration!

Choose which of these hosts you would like to meet and book your time slot!

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How to RESERVE your 1-to-1 Meetings?

1.       Please follow the link to reserve your 1-to-1 meeting >>

2.       Each attendee can reserve meetings with up to two Hosts

3.       Please, send an email to Regina Plyats  if any issue with online reservation occurs.

4.       Please note that online reservation is available until 27th May.

5.       If you wish to sign up for more than two meetings, please ask the event organizers, when the final timetable is announced.


If there are any free time slots are left, we will be happy to accommodate as many requests as possible.

Is Your Host overbooked?

  1. Approach the hosts during the conference. See if you can arrange a short meeting informally by yourself

  2. Approach and message the hosts via the Mobile App


Ask the organisers! 
- Leave your mobile and email
- We will pass your contacts on to the hosts 
- We will try to introduce you informally and face-to-face