The premier meeting-place for the Clinical Trials sector in Central & Eastern Europe

28-29 May 2019

1-to-1 Meetings
With Sponsors and CROs

1-to-1 meetings offer an invaluable opportunity to meet and collaborate with
pharma & biotech executives and CROs - in person. Leading companies will be
represented by their clinical research specialists. Meetings will last 10 minutes allowing you to establish direct contact with top managers for future collaboration.

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Live Polling via the App!

We will be holding interactive LIVE POLLING throughout the
conference, offering you the opportunity to cast your vote
on a range of critical issues, and to create a snapshot of
current opinions in the sector. Audience opinions provide
an extra dimension to the presentations and conference debates as well as an extra level of involvement for all participants. At the end of Day Two the polling results will be analysed in a concluding “Industry Barometer” presentation and
panel debate, which will sum up some of the major themes
at the conference.