The premier meeting-place for the Clinical Trials sector in Central & Eastern Europe

28-29 May 2019

Hotel Bristol, Vienna


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World Courier provides unparalleled specialty logistics services to drive the commercial success of our partners around the globe. For 50 years, we’ve delivered peace of mind through world-class supply chain programs, transportation services, storage of time- and temperature-sensitive products, and innovative, cutting-edge medicines including cell and gene therapies. Through our daily work – and powered by our 2,500 associates – we are united in our responsibility to create healthier futures. With a presence in 50+ countries, World Courier is driven by a commitment to excellence, and provides customized solutions with global reach to increase access to care; making us the most trusted specialty logistics company in the world.

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SMO Group is a Clinical Trial Logistics provider in CIS and MENA, with HQ in the UK.

Our first operational facility opened in 2004 in Kiev, Ukraine, and quickly gained

a reputation as the major provider of logistics services for clinical trials in the country.

Nowadays SMO Group has expanded its services to Israel, Georgia and Russia, has large and loyal clientele,

ranging from start-ups to major international CROs, CMOs, TOP-10 Pharma companies.


SMO Group services:

Import & Export of IMP, CTS etc.

Temperature controlled Storage

Distribution by own couriers in TVC

Patient Centricity Services

Comparator Sourcing

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LifeScience Klaster Krakow (LSK) is the network of institutions from Krakow and Małopolska Region (Poland) which agreed to collaborate in order to develop and deliver to the market innovations in the field of life sciences.

These organizations represent six areas of interests: biotechnology and life science business, research & development, science and education, healthcare, business support and local government actively guiding and facilitating the cooperation at the regional level.

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The Association of Pharmaceutical Research and Development (APRaD) has been formed by 16 world leading pharmaceutical companies active in the research and development of new medicines that improve health and quality of life, with a presence in Ukraine.

The pharmaceutical industry, represented by APRaD, is committed to the research and development, quality manufacturing and distribution of innovative medicines that save lives, reduce overall health care costs and improve the quality of life of people. As a non-for-profit and non-governmental organization, APRaD gives much emphasis to co-operation with Ukrainian authorities, and other international organizations concerned with health and pharmaceutical industry-related issues.

The Association’s objectives are: to become a recognized voice of the research-based pharmaceutical industry operating in Ukraine, to promote value of innovations, to conduct effective advocacy for public policies that improve access to quality medicines in Ukraine, and to be effective strategic partner to the Government of Ukraine.

APRAD is a Member of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations – EFPIA.

Our Strategic priorities:

The Association focuses on four major areas: access to medicines and reimbursement, ethical promotion, improved regulatory environment for pharmaceuticals and intellectual property rights’s protection. Specifically, APRaD:

  • Builds awareness about the R&D Pharmaceutical industry and original medicines;
  • Strives to resolve Intellectual Property Rights and Data Protection issues;
  • Is the advocate for a better access to quality medicines and establishment of reimbursement system;
  • Promotes and encourage ethical business principles and practices among its members and the pharmaceutical industry in general;
  • Develops effective partnership with Government stakeholders as well as represent the interests of the pharmaceutical industry before all relevant authorities;
  • Establishes appropriate links with international pharmaceutical associations

The activities of the Association are not intended to generate profits. The Association has no intention whatsoever to create or promote cartels or gentlemen’s agreements and will put in place active measures to ensure such arrangements do not arise. The Association does not engage in trade, commercial transactions or political activities.

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Bulgarian Association of Clinical Research (BACR) was registered in 2003 as an independent nongovernmental /not-for-profit/ organization. Up to date the members of BACR are more than 135 persons and legal entities, representatives of such companies as Amgen, Appletree Clinical Investigations, AstraZeneca Bulgaria, August Research, Balkan Trials, Bayer Bulgaria, Biovantix, Clinical Trials Group, Covance, GlaxoSmithKline, INC Research, Institut d'Expertise Clinique - Bulgarie, Janssen, Milray, Novartis Pharma Services, Novo Nordisk Pharma, Patient Recruitment Solutions, PPD Bulgaria, Premier Research, PSI Pharma Support, Quintiles Bulgaria, R&D Services, Resbiomed, Roche Bulgaria, Sanofi-Aventis, Sopharma, Sopharma Trading, Tokuda, World Courier Bulgaria, lawyers, journalists.


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Hungarian Clinical Trial Management Society (CTMS) is a non-governmental organization of clinical study specialists including most of the hundreds of colleagues working at study sites, pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations (CROs), academic or regulatory institutions, or private practices.

CTMS was founded in 2001 with the purpose of providing a forum for specialist involved in clinical trials.

By using and sharing the experience accumulated over a decade, it contributes to the professional and ethical standards of clinical studies conducted in Hungary, the legal environment, and human resources to reach a level that globally and regionally increases the competitiveness of Hungary and to live up to the trust of patients who play the most important role in clinical studies.

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Hungarian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences was founded in 1924. We have Industrial Pharmacy, Community Pharmacy and Hospital Pharmacy professional groups. Besides their work, the scientific activity is performed in the sections: Drug Analysis, Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmacognosy, Drug Research, Drug Affairs and Organization, Drug Therapy and Pharmaceutical Care. The Society has about 2500 members.

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The American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine (Chamber) is among the most active and effective non-government, non-profit business organizations operating in Ukraine since 1992. One of the Chamber’s principal activities is to represent the foreign investment community as well as to facilitate the entrance of potential new investors into this market. The Chamber advocates on behalf of the Membership not only to the Ukrainian government, but also to all other governments, which are economic partners of Ukraine, on matters of trade, commerce, and economic reform. The Member organizations of the Chamber represent capital from over 50 nations across the globe including Europe, North America, Asia, Russia and Ukraine. Our Members are the largest strategic and institutional investors operating in Ukraine who have committed a majority of the foreign direct investment into this market and directly employ close to a million Ukrainians providing them with exposure to international best practices and the opportunity to develop into leading managers. Our Member companies bring international expertise and business knowledge to the marketplace and are among the largest taxpayers in Ukraine and strive to be good corporate citizens.

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About Clinical Research News (

Part of Cambridge Healthtech Publishing, Clinical Research News reports on innovative technologies from clinical trials to medical informatics. Technology continues to permeate all aspects of clinical trials and the patient experience, and the tools to support these efforts are maturing rapidly., the Clinical Research NewsNewsletter and News Bulletins provide authoritative news, views and insights on the vast landscape of innovation between clinical trial management and delivery of care.

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