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CIS Pharmaceutical Forum 2014, Moscow

Delegate Helpdesk

General Information

Registration and Payments

At The Event

After The Event

General Information

Who can I speak to for more information on each event?

  • Please call the Customer Service Line on +44 (0) 20 7017 7444 or email info@cci-events.com. Alternatively, click on contact us where there is a listing of contact names depending on your query.

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Registration And Payments

How do I register?

  • To register for events the best & quickest way is to fill in the online registration form which can be found on this website . We also accept bookings by post, fax +44 (0) 20 7017 7447 or E mail: info@cci-events.com 
  • Once we have received your registration you will receive an email confirmation within 48 hours which contains useful information. This will include the hotel booking form, which can be faxed directly to the hotel, along with the full details of where the hotel is and how to get there, and details of any social events that may be happening during the conference.

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How do I pay?

  • You can pay by bank transfer, credit card, cheque.

Please note that entry into the conference will not be permitted without confirmation of payment. If you are paying (or you have already paid) by Direct Bank Transfer, please fax a copy of the confirmation to us on +44 (0) 207 017 7827 making sure that the transfer is referenced to the name of the delegate(s) and invoice number. This will help us to quickly trace your payment. If Credit Card details were provided, they have been recorded and your card will be charged prior to the event.

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In case you need to sign an agreement and act of acceptance please fill in the drafts found in your pack and send them to our Moscow office for signature and stamp. Should you have any questions regarding bookkeeping documents please E mail: moscow@cci-events.com

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What do I do if I need a visa?

For events taking place in Russia & Ukraine:

Most nationalities will require a valid entry visa for Russia and Ukraine and it is your responsibility to obtain this. Please check with your local Consulate for the latest information. The process of obtaining a visa can be lengthy and you should apply as early as possible. There is often a sliding scale of charges dependant on the length of time given to the embassy to issue the visa.

As a UK registered company we are unable to issue invitation letters for a visa. However, many Embassies will accept your official hotel confirmation as an invitation. When you book your room you must ask Reservations to provide visa support voucher with your confirmation.

Alternatively you can approach a local travel agent, who should be able to arrange visa support for you. If this is not possible our travel agents in the UK can obtain official invitation letters for any nationality and will send them direct to you. Please quote "Adam Smith Conferences" when contacting one of the companies listed below:

Please quote "Adam Smith Conferences" when contacting one of the companies listed below:

202 Kensington Church Street
London W8 4DP
+44 (0)207 985 1234

Julia Shkleynikene
E-mail: julia@visitrussia.org.ru
Additional information about RNTO services

Lower Ground Floor
42 Manchester Street
London W1U 7LW
Tel: +44 (0)20 7487 3544
Fax: +44 (0)20 7935 5072
E-mail: info@starvisaservices.co.uk

141 Whitfield Street
London W1T 5EW
Tel: +44 (0)20 7383 5353
Fax: +44 (0)20 7383 3709
E-mail: enquiries@scottstours.co.uk


For events taking place in London & Vienna:

Some delegates may require a British/Austrian entry visa and it is your responsibility to obtain this. Please contact your local Consulate for the latest information.

An official invitation can only be issued after receiving confirmation of payment. Please fax a copy of the confirmation to us on +44 (0) 207 017 7827 making sure that the transfer is referenced to the name of the delegate(s) and invoice number.

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What is included in the overall cost for each conference?

  • The price includes refreshment breaks, lunches and any social events that may be taking place during the conference.
  • The price will not include the hotel accommodation. You will receive your hotel booking form with your confirmation email, and it is also in the travel & info section of the individual conference web page.
  • A copy of the invoice will be emailed and posted to you within 48 hours of registering.

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What happens if I want to cancel my booking?

You may cancel your registration in accordance with Condition 6 of the delegate terms and conditions. All cancellations received 28 days or more before the conference are subject to an administrative charge of £250 (€100 for CFO Awards) per delegate. Adam Smith Conferences regrets that cancellations or bookings received less than 28 days before the conference cannot be refunded or credited and the full amount of your fee remains payable. All cancellations must be sent by email to cancel@adamsmithconferences.com marked for the attention of Customer Services and must be received by Adam Smith Conferences. Any changes to your booking will result in an additional administrative charge. You acknowledge that the refund of your fees in accordance with Condition 6 is your sole remedy in respect of any cancellation of your registration by you and all other liability is expressly excluded.

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Will you keep me updated of any changes to the conference?

  • Any changes will be updated on the Adam Smith Conference website - please check individual conference web pages for details or register for e-mail updates.

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At The Event

Where is the conference being held, how do I get there and where can I stay?

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What is a Champagne round table?

  • This is an informal group discussion whereby you will be able to exchange your ideas with your industry peers. And of course Champagne is served!

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What happens when I get to the Conference?

  • Arrival:
    When you arrive at the conference please go to the registration desk and collect your badge. You will be required to wear your badge at all times to allow you admittance to the conference, social events and the exhibition area.
  • Refreshments:
    Morning coffee (available during registration), mid morning & mid afternoon coffee breaks and lunch.
  • Documentation:
    Conference documentation, including the final programme and password details to access the speaker's papers on-line will be circulated on the morning of the conference and can be found in the conference documentation and on the holding slide in the conference room.
  • Dress Code:
    Business attire is required throughout the conference.

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After The Event

Where can I comment on the conference?

  • You will find a copy of the evaluation form on your seat in the main conference room. If, for any reason you do not have an evaluation form, please go to the registration desk where you can pick up a copy.
  • Please send us an email to feedback@adamsmithconferences.com

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How can I order papers and speeches from past events?

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What should I do if I no longer wish to be on the Adam Smith Conferences mailing list?

  • Please email our database department at asc@adamsmithconferences.com including UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject line. Please include the name, company name and full contact details of the person who needs to be unsubscribed. You need to clearly specify what mailing pieces you would like to unsubscribe from (e.g. e-mails, postal mailings, faxes).
  • Should you only wish to restrict the information you receive to a particular event or industry, please send your request to asc@adamsmithconferences.com including the conference title or industry name that you would like to be informed about. Please write RESTRICT in the subject line.

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