November 2019


Russian Power 2018 Flashback

A well-known Adam Smith Conferences’ platform is coming back to the Russian power industry to gather leaders from the major energy companies and regulation authorities in order to define the right evolution trends and build a constructive dialogue amongst all the market players. Not to be missed!

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CEOs and their deputies of the major energy holdings, generating, grid and power supply companies


Strategic meetings and networking opportunuties


Access to decision makers and Government representatives

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Hot topics:    

  • Modernisation of generating capacitance of heat power stations and localisation of generating capacitance equipment
  • Advancement of power joint market
  • Future trends of power industry – constructive dialogue amongst market players and regulation authorities
  • Development of heat power supply sector
  • Implementation of the new heat power market model (alternative boiler station)
  • Innovative development of grids complex – up to date?
  • Current IT trends in Europe and in Russia – are we on the right way?
  • Investment opportunities for supporting technological projects
  • Development trends for renewables in Russia

Who will attend:

  • Power Generation companies
  • Power Grid companies
  • Power supply companies
  • Industrial holdings – major consumers
  • Machine factories
  • Engineering companies
  • IT Companies
  • Banks
  • Consultants
  • Collectors
  • Lawyers