Ukrainian Wealth Management Forum

Adam Smith Inaugural International Forum

6 November 2018

Testimonials WEALTH MANAGEMENT FORUM from our past delegates

An excellent opportuning to find out the new and current trends in Wealth Management 

Robin Preston, 

Lucullus Educational Consultants

Interesting, varied, relevant to my work and great meeting the attendees!

Jessica Morris,

 Director, Carey Group

Динамично, наполненно, информативно. Эффективно, Спасибо за мероприятие и профессиональный социум

Alexey Aleksanrov, 

Expobank CZ

An insightful conference given by a collection of proven experts in their respective fields

Glenn Blevins,

 Business Development Manager, Fedelta Trust Ltd

Very well attended & professionally organized. Adam Smith conferences attract quality calibre delegates. Great choice of Conference Venue. The male translator was exceptional

Colette Mangion,

 Business Executive, PKF Malta

Excellent: sharp, to the point. Good selection of panels, great choice of speakers and topics. The management was perfect. Easy to follow and difficult not to interact.

Ksenia Shoedova,

 Managing Consultant, Berkeley Research Group

A must today for content & networking

Kira Egorova,

 Of Counsel, Alrud Law Firm

A conference not like the others

Vittorio Castellani Pastoris

 Wealth Planner, CBH Compagnie Bancaire Helvetique SA

The conference so far has been both instructive & very well structured to ensure continued engagement of the audience!

Alicia Dimitrova,

Solicitor & Trust Advisor, Griffin Trust

Highly informative and gives a good overview on today’s challenges

Susanne Andersson

 Deputy Director, Zurich office, IRI Marshall Island Registry