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Russian Wood & Timber - Video Day 1
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Join Leading Minds at RWT2014
Kai Merivuori Managing Director Finnish Sawmills
Elena Vavilova Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry Complex Government of Krasnoyarsk Region
Kenneth Munson Forest Director, EMEA International Paper
Matti Lehtipuu CEO RusForest
New networking format
New networking format: ONE-TO-ONE MEETINGS
150 delegates in 2013
Join the forest industry elite – this event is FOR the business!
Sales & Distribution Focus Day
Sales & Distribution Focus Day
Wood and Timber Sales and Distribution Day

1st April 2014: Special Focus Day devoted to the analysis, sales and distribution of timber products on domestic and international markets


Strategic development of the forestry sector

2nd April 2014: Main Conference
State forest policy, domestic market and technological drivers for the industry

Project Updates And Case Studies

3rd April 2014: Main Conference
Analysis of Greenfield, Brownfield and Innovative forestry projects

One-to-One Meetings

Individual meetings with senior forestry directors

RUSSIAN WOOD AND TIMBER 2014 - Production, Supply, Processing and Trade: harnessing knowledge to create new business opportunities in Russia’s forestry sector

Hot topics at Russian Wood and Timber conference in 2014:

  • Development of forest policy in Russia

Systemic crisis in the forestry sector and how to shift it. Evaluating the state of the Russian forest complex and update on the latest developments in the formation of Russia’s Forestry Policy

  • Implementing forest projects in Russia

State support for the industry, PPPs and their feasibility in the Russian forestry sector, regional programmes and financing options

  • Developing the domestic market for wood & timber products

What types of new timber products should be developed for domestic consumption and what is the potential for growth and in what category of products? Evaluating the current state of the wooden housing construction and furniture manufacturing sectors to determine the future needs and prospects for the domestic market

  • Science and technology to drive the sector forward

The latest viable research projects designed to improve technologies in the Russian forestry complex. Evaluating successful or recent examples of new technologies developed within Russia and their practical implementation


Last year’s pre-conference “Wood and Timber Market Intelligence” Focus-Day proved popular with attendees and we witnessed many lively debates on a range of timber sales issues. This year we are making this day more focused by concentrating specifically on sawn timber and wood panels but are also expanding the breadth of coverage by inviting the leading distributors to share their thoughts and ideas on the current state of timber sales, prospects for various products, and pricing.

Key topics for discussion:

  • An overview of the demand, volumes and pricing for sawn timber and a range of wood panels
  • How is the Asian market developing and how do these developments impact the rest of the world?
  • What is the situation in Russia: will the prices and the demand continue to fall?
  • What is the forecast for OSB manufacturing in Russia: what new plants will come on line and how will new facilities impact on supply and pricing?

View the full Focus Day programme here

Delegate reviews

"Relevant topics, quality speakers, clear perspective"
Kenneth R. Munson
Global Forest DirectorInternational Paper
"“Good diversity of industry and government perspectives with easy access for discussion”"
Michael Duncun
Global Sales ManagerCaterpillar


If your company operates in wood harvesting, logging or timber production, you may be eligible for a 50% DISCOUNT on your attendance fee. Both Russian and foreign timber producers may be eligible for this discount. For more details about the discount, please see "Pricing and Discounts" page.

Discussion on the development of the wood panels sector at Russian Wood & Timber

Position for the future and increase brand recognition at this leading industry event

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Russian Wood & Timber in press

ЛПК России: государство и бизнес должны двигаться в одном направлении Принятый в декабре 2013 года Федеральный закон № 415-ФЗ об обороте круглых лесоматериалов заработает эффективно, когда будут доработаны все необходимые (а их более 10) подзаконные акты: лесное бизнес сообщество получит современное отраслевое законодательство, а государство вправе ждать эффективного и неистощимого лесопользования. Об этом заявил в ходе 5-ой Международной конференции Института Адама Смита  «Лесной комплекс России...

Лесную политику России обсудили ведущие топ-менеджеры отрасли В Москве продолжила работу Международная конференция “Лесной комплекс России”, организуемая Институтом Адама Смита пятый год подряд. Ведущие специалисты лесного комплекса обсудили практические шаги по развитию прибыльного и инвестиционно-привлекательного лесного рынка и отрасли в России. Топ-менеджеры и представители органов государственной власти попытались ответить, как они видят развитие ЛПК и реалии осуществления лесных проектов, рынки лесной продукции...

5-я Международная конференция “Лесной комплекс России” открылась в Москве 5-я Международная конференция “Лесной комплекс России“, организуемая Институтом Адама Смита, начала свою работу в Москве. Ежегодно на это значимое для лесной отрасли мероприятие собираются представители крупного лесного бизнеса, чтобы обсудить пути и перспективы развития лесной отрасли России, как стратегического партнера мирового лесного сообщества. Первый день конференции традиционно был посвящен обсуждению основных тенденций рынка, маркетинговых вопросов,...




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