The leading CEO forum for pharmaceutical producers, distributors and retailers in Russia

12 - 13 May 2021

Corinthia Saint-Petersburg Hotel

Virtual Attendance

The Adam Smith Conferences’ online event platform is designed to provide virtual participants with all of the key benefits that they would get from attending the event in person.

Virtual participants can enjoy all these benefits:

  • Watch all conference sessions and presentations via live streaming, or watch on demand at a more convenient time for you
  • Ask questions to the moderator, speakers and panellists – in real time
  • Meet people that will be of most interest specifically to you - matchmaking technology will recommend useful people for you to connect with
  • View all attendee profiles  and arrange meetings with other attendees using online chat, email or video calls within the online event platform
  • Take part in 1-to-1 Meetings with Project Operators, via video link
  • Explore the virtual exhibition area and meet solutions experts; find out more about their company, service and product offerings via videos and downloads
  • Participate in live polling and surveys
  • Take advantage of your personal planner and integrate it into your calendar
  • PLUS! Retain access to all presentations, premium event content and networking channels throughout the year