Wealth Management & Private Banking

Adam Smith International Summit

Autumn 2022


Well organised conference, the best I have visited so far!

Liliya Scott

Managing Partner, LS Legal Solicitors, UK

Very interesting and insightful speakers. Fantastic experience in wealth management!

Alina Tarasova,

CS Global Partners

Well organized, informative.

Marija Butkute,


Informative, open networking and exchange of opinions. Wonderful!

Alexander Karpov, 


Mandatory summit for representatives of the capital management industry

Aleksandr Voronovs,

 Development Director, NTL Trust

Interesting speakers. Valuable discussions of private bankers - different approaches to clients, segmentation among large players in the market of Private Banking

Elena Kostineva,

 Head of Relations, RNKB Bank 

Alive, active, rich, useful! Qualified, authoritative!

Tatyana Maslovskaya, 

Head of Private Banking, AKB Primorye

High attendance & professional organization. Adam Smith Conferences attracts delegates of a high calibre.

Colette Mangion,

 Business Executive, PKF Malta

Traditionally, the site is the “gathering point” of experts and professionals of RV & WM, the best and most informative in the CIS space. Keep it up!

Alexander Alexandrov, 

Senior Vice President Head of Private Banking, Norvik Banka

Competent speakers, relevant topics

Alexey Fathudinov, 

DZHI Group

Professionally organised forum with valuable content for participants of the Wealth industry

Kira Egorova, 

Of Council, ALRUD Law firm

An excellent opportuning to find out the new and current trends in Wealth Management

Robin Preston, 

Lucullus Educational Consultants