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Adam Smith International Summit

20 - 21 October 2020

InterContinental Moscow Tverskaya Hotel

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East-West United Bank S.A.


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Algo Capital
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BKHK law firm
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Leptos Estates
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Charles Russell Speechlys
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SPEAR’S Russia
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Frank RG

East-West United Bank (EWUB) is a boutique bank in Luxembourg providing tailored solutions for private and corporate clients since 1974.

The bank appreciates and welcomes clients with Russian roots or connections: private individuals, companies engaged in international business or trade, private equity funds, family funds and holding companies.

The bank provides Private Banking and Wealth Management services to individual clients. To support business clients East-West United Bank offers: opening a company/fund account; cash management services; brokerage and depositary services; trade finance.


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15 years of financial experience and 8 years of successful quantitative trading

Algo Capital was established in 2003 and is specialized in research and development of quantitative trading strategies for asset management. The firm is a mono product company, licensed and regulated by the Russian Central Bank and NAUFOR, a self-regulatory organization. Algo Capital is among Top 15 Futures market leaders on Moscow Exchange.

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История создания фирмы берет свое начало с 2007 года, когда Роман Баханец открыл практику юридических услуг для состоятельных граждан, в области налоговых вопросов и судебной защиты личных имущественных и неимущественных прав.  Фирма предоставляла юридические услуги бизнесменам, публичным лицам и «селебритиз» по налоговым и юридическим вопросам.

Процесс глобализации и мировой тренд на финансовую прозрачность оказали влияние на рынок юридических услуг для частных клиентов и вектор развития фирмы изменился.

В 2019 году произошло расширение и усиление практики с присоединением партнеров - Романа Хаминского и Любови Коченьковой.

Сегодня BKHK law firm оказывает комплекс услуг по юридическому и налоговому сопровождению владельческих структур (компаний, яхт, самолетов, ценных бумаг и пр.), включая вопросы брачно-семейных отношений, наследования, отчетности, администрирования иностранных структур, формирования комплаенс кейсов.

Стандарты нашей работы базируются на индивидуальном подходе к каждому клиенту, профессионализме и полной конфиденциальности.

Каждый из наших клиентов достиг выдающихся результатов в своей области, стал успешным и состоятельным человеком благодаря своим исключительным и уникальным личностным качествам. Поэтому мы убеждены, что решения, которые необходимы таким людям, должны соответствовать очень высоким критериям и требованиям.   

Наша команда состоит из профессионалов, обладающих исключительным знанием и практическим опытом, позволяющим всесторонне посмотреть на проблему, найти и реализовать эффективное решение. Партнеры фирмы принимают активное участие в работе с клиентами, что позволяет сохранять доверительные и долгосрочные отношения с клиентами на протяжении десятилетий.

Действуя в качестве адвокатов в соответствии с Федеральным законом № 63-ФЗ «Об адвокатской деятельности и адвокатуре в Российской Федерации», мы соблюдаем высокие стандарты работы и обеспечиваем полную конфиденциальность.

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Leptos Estates is a member of the Leptos Group of Companies and the leading developer in Cyprus and the Greek Islands with over 60 years of history. It has achieved a leading position through the professionalism and team effort of its employees, its international network of sales service in more than 75 countries, its vast investment in land purchasing and an effective after-sales service support.

Leptos Group philosophy since 1960 is making each and every project as unique as possible using high quality, stylish designs whilst demonstrating respect towards the environment. As one of the largest private companies in Cyprus, Leptos group has also diversified his activities in Real Estate Development, Property Management, Tourism, Healthcare, Citizenship and Immigration services and Education.  All these broad of services from Leptos group provided a confidence and pleasure to the clients from all over the world.

Leptos Estates selects only the finest locations in Cyprus and Greece have to offer in residential, retirement and holiday residences and uses the highest standards of construction and design, to build elegant homes to suit the lifestyle and taste of today’s discerning property owners.  At Leptos Group we are aware of our customers’ requirements in terms of quality living, Idyllic locations, modern infrastructure, architectural aesthetic, top construction standards, friendly and efficient support are top of our priority for our Company.


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Charles Russell Speechlys is a law firm headquartered in London with offices in the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

We have an unusually broad range of skills and experience across the full spectrum of business and personal needs. This gives us a wider perspective, clear insight and a strongly commercial long-term view. We use this approach to secure the growth of our clients as they move confidently into the future.

It has made us a leader in the world of dynamic growth and family businesses, and among the world’s leading creators and owners of private wealth and their families. Major corporates and institutions find our more considered and personal approach a refreshing alternative to conventional business law firms.

Charles Russell Speechlys was formed by a merger in 2014 between Charles Russell and Speechly Bircham. Both firms had a rich and varied history stretching back over 150 years. Today, we have 170 partners, and a total of 500 lawyers.


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Affluence Private Concierge Club is a team of professionals with 20 years of experience in the service industry, personal management and work with top executives, more than 1,500 verified and reliable partners around the world, more than 1,000 completed projects and a number of closed non-standard and diverse cases, well-deserved loyalty of customers and partners - all this gives us the right to be successfully represented in this highly competitive market. We will always put the main goal of our work on service, quality and trust.

The result of 2019 was the victory in the Concierge Service of the Year for the Spear’s Russia Wealth Management Awards nomination.

We are ready to confirm our competencies and give examples of closed cases at personal meetings. And most importantly, listen to your preferences, habits, build unique and long-term relationships in each individual case, and develop together. The experience of our customers clearly shows that membership in the club, with regular use of the service, can not only pay its cost, but also bring profit in addition to satisfaction from the quality of the services provided and a truly personal approach.

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SPEAR’S Russia is the most trustworthy and influential private banking & wealth management magazine in Russia.

Similar to the original London-based edition, SPEAR’S Russia targets two main audiences – high and ultra-high net worth individuals, as well as private banking & wealth management industry professionals.

PBWM.ru is Russia's first and only online portal dedicated exclusively to private banking & wealth management services.

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Tranio.com is an international real estate platform with a network of 700 partners worldwide and a catalogue of more than 80,000 listings in 54 countries. We publish daily news, high quality analysis on foreign realty, expert advice, and notes on laws and procedures related to buying and leasing properties abroad so that our clients can make confident property investment decisions. To date we have closed 900 deals, building long-lasting, trustworthy relationships with our clients and partners.

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