ASC-Secure is Adam Smith Conferences’ approach and commitment to providing enhanced health, safety, hygiene and security at our events in the wake of Covid-19.

Adam Smith Conferences have followed the directions, recommendations and guidance from health, government and local authorities, and the leading global event industry associations (SISO, UFI, AEO, AEV and ESSA), along with our peers at Informa and other leading event companies, as well, of course, with the venues, suppliers and contractors we work with – to identify and implement industry-wide - practices for biosecurity at all of our events.

Out of this process, we have formulated a set of measures and standards designed to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of our customers, partners and staff.

Adam Smith Conferences’ ASC-Secure is how these standards are being adopted at our events.

In practice, this means that when exhibitors, speakers, sponsors and attendees come to our events, they can connect, learn, engage and do more business, effectively, safely and with confidence.

All Adam Smith Conferences events will be run according to official government and local authority guidance in the first instance, as well as any venue or location-specific regulations. In addition, all of our events in different cities, countries and regions, irrespective of format or location, will follow the ten ASC-Secure priority commitments below.

Adam Smith Conferences ASC-Secure Key Commitments

Cleanliness & Hygiene

1.      Enhanced Cleaning:

Adam Smith Conferences will have enhanced, cleaning before, during and after all of our events, working with venue partners to ensure the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness. This may include - sanitisation throughout the course of an event, with a focus on high-touch areas such as door handles, restrooms and food and beverage areas.

2.      Personal Hygiene:
All Adam Smith Conferences events will have - hand washing facilities and hand sanitising stations throughout the event space, encouraging all participants to regularly wash and disinfect their hands.

Physical Distancing

3.      Minimising Person-to-Person Contact:

Wherever possible, Adam Smith Conferences will employ systems, procedures and tools for minimising person-to-person contact at the events.

4.      Contact-Free Networking:

All Adam Smith Conferences events will request that participants avoid physical contact, such as handshakes and embraces, promoting alternative, creative, fun and innovative ways to greet business partners. The exchange of printed materials, such as business cards and sales brochures, will also be discouraged, with digital alternatives recommended.

5.      Physical Distancing:

All Adam Smith Conferences events will maintain a density of participants in line with local and national authority regulations and venue specific guidance. This will be managed through one or more control measures such as pre-show communications to participants, a one-way traffic system around show floors, on-site signage and floor markings where possible.

6.      Non-Contact Q&A

For panel discussions and question and answer sessions with speakers, Adam Smith Conferences will be using a non-contact method. Participants are encouraged to pose their questions via the event app rather than by microphone. For any events with simultaneous translation, translation devices will be disinfected regularly.

Protect & Detect

7.      Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Adam Smith Conferences recommend and encourage the use of protective face masks for all staff and participants. Further items of PPE, such as gloves will be used by our staff and participants if appropriate, in line with local government and health authority advice and the particular requirements of the relative venues.

8.      We shall have temperature checking process at the entry to the event if required by relevant health authority.

9.      Trace & Contact

Should it be necessary, all Adam Smith Conferences events will comply with any and all direction from local, regional or national authorities to trace and contact participants at our events, subject to local privacy regulations.